Where To Have A Birthday Party: Your Guide to Finding a Great Place for You And Your Guests 

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It can be difficult to find the time and energy to plan an elaborate birthday celebration for your loved ones. However, throwing a birthday bash isn’t just about putting together a nice party for guests; it’s about marking the special occasion for everyone involved. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering for your closest friends or inviting a large number of people to celebrate with you, there are certain things you should keep in mind before choosing the perfect venue. In this article, we’re going to cover everything from finding the perfect place for your birthday party, to how much it will cost and how much preparation you’ll need beforehand. Read on to learn more about how to plan the perfect birthday!

When Is the Best Time to Have a Birthday Party?

Before beginning the process of planning where your birthday party venue is going to be, you need to pick a time when everyone is going to be free. Here are a few options in regards to timing: 

During School Holidays: If you have a child whose birthday is coming up, school holidays are the perfect time to host a children’s birthday party as all school children will be available in this timeframe. 

Winter Birthday Party: Is Christmas your favourite time of year? If so, why not mix the two celebrations by making your birthday party winter/Christmas-themed. Most people who are employed usually have a couple of weeks off during this time too. 

Weekends: Weekends are a brilliant choice when it comes to hosting a birthday party. Whether that be for an adult or child, people in school and work are almost guaranteed to have Saturday and Sunday off. Not to mention, if you are hosting a party for an adult, there may be alcoholic beverages involved and nobody likes going to work with a hangover! 

Places To Have A Party : 

Where To Have 10-Year-Old Birthday Party:

Soft Play Birthday Party

An obvious choice for a toddler’s birthday party would be a playground or play area. Every child gets enjoyment out of visiting the playground, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The best part about this idea is the fact you hardly have to put any effort or time into organising this. All you have to do is book a slot for a play area. Usually, they will host parties for kids and provide birthday souvenirs. Also, they will use birthday decorations to decorate the whole soft play area. 

Swimming Pools

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Another simple yet entertaining choice would be a swimming pool party which is always loads of fun for children. This could be an outdoor or indoor pool, depending on the weather where you live. The children get to play in the water and use the fun water slides and on some occasions, the lifeguards will provide pool inflatables and obstacle courses, especially for inflatable swimming pool parties.

At-Home Party

This may sound less entertaining for children, however, an indoor party or an outdoor party may be the exact party venue you desire! If you host an indoor party you could create/purchase a buffet filled with party food such as; sandwiches, cakes, mini sausage rolls, chocolate, etc. You could even make party bags filled with treats for the children. If you decide to host an outdoor party, you could hire a clown or even rent a bouncy castle for the day!

Ice Skating Parties

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Ice skating parties are perfect for a child, especially if their birthday is during the winter months. You can book to go to your local ice skating rink and in some places, they will organise a birthday party for you, with food and drink included. 

Laser Gun Parties

If your child is interested in an action-themed party, then laser gun parties are perfect for this. The children would be split up into groups or sometimes even pairs and will be provided with laser guns for an awesome, action-filled battle against each other!

Where To Have 18-Year-Old Birthday Party:

Pub/ Restaurant

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Turning 18 is an important event as it is the time you strive into adulthood. There are many things that you can do when your turn 18! One of those things is being able to drink alcohol. What better way to spend your 18th than having your first alcoholic drink with your favourite people and having meaningful chats with friends!


Maybe you aren’t a party person and would prefer a day filled with peace and relaxation. A spa is perfect for this, especially if you want to bring friends/family to spend the day with you. A day filled with luxury massages, skincare, and saunas may be exactly what you need. 

Party On A Boat

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This is an underrated way to celebrate a birthday. Having a private party on a boat is a great option if you want to have a memorable day/night. A fun-filled night packed with games, food, friends, and alcohol. What more could you ask for! 


Have you been waiting to see your favourite artist in concert for a while now? If so, a birthday is a perfect event to go and see them! Take a group of your favourite people to go and see them for a memorable night! The best part is, you won’t have to clean up anything like you would if you had a house party. 

Where To Have 50th Birthday Party 

Afternoon Tea/ Brunch

When you reach the big age of 50, people generally prefer to do something more relaxed for their birthday. Afternoon tea is the perfect solution! Invite your family and friends to join us for some delicious food and drink. Afternoon tea usually includes food such as; sandwiches, pastries, fruit, mini cakes, etc. 


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If you prefer to host a party yourself, why not do a barbecue in your backyard! You can invite all of your family and friends over to enjoy some tasty food. This is perfect for the summer months as it will be too hot to do anything inside. 

Wine Tasting

Are you an enthusiast when it comes to wine? If so, party planning just became easy for you! You can book to visit your local vineyard and experience the joys of tasting all different types of wine. This is also the best way for you and your party guests to discover your favourite types of wine!

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