Hereafter Stretched Out Ltd shall be known as The Company and the person(s) renting the vehicle shall be known as the Hirer. It will be deemed that the Hirer, by making a booking accepts responsibility by himself/herself for every person traveling in the vehicle and fully agrees to the conditions of hire as follows:

1. All hires must be reserved in advance and a deposit paid when booking said hire. No reservations are confirmed until the Company has received its deposit cleared in full. On paying a deposit the Hirer has entered into an agreement of a formal contract to abide by the terms in this agreement. No written confirmation/signature is required by either party to consolidate this agreement, as paying a deposit is deemed as accepting a formal contract. Final balance payments by cheque must be received at least 10 working days before the hire date.

2. In the event of cancellation by the Hirer, any deposit paid will be forfeited. In the event of such cancellation, the following charges will apply and an invoice will be raised:

a. More than 30 days before hire date – Deposit Only
b. Between 20 and 30 days before the hire date – 50% of the total hire charge
c. Between 10 and 19 days – 70% of total hire charge
d. Less than 10 days before hire date – Total of hire charge

All cancellations must either be in the form of a recorded delivery letter or emailed to
Please note in exceptional circumstances i.e. a death of a close relative the Company will reserve the right to cancel all charges due, but would need a copy of relevant paperwork or proof for exemption.

3. The Company undertakes to ensure that the vehicles are properly serviced and maintained. However, the Company will not accept responsibility for mechanical, electrical, or material breakdown howsoever caused, or for any inconvenience or loss suffered in consequence. In the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown, every effort will be made for an immediate repair to the vehicle or to supply a replacement vehicle. The Company will not accept responsibility for missed connections and/or functions of the Hirer however caused.

4. In the event of a breakdown or accident prior to the date of the vehicle hire every effort will be made to supply a similar or alternative vehicle(s). If this is not possible a refund of monies will be paid.

5. The Company reserves the right at any time to change, replace, or renew the vehicle(s) rented or advertised in order to maintain the Company’s high standard.

6. The Company will levy £100 valeting charge for misuse through drink, food illness, or whatever the retail cost may be. All of the above will cause the rental to be terminated

7. The Hirer shall be fully responsible and liable for any damage caused to the vehicle(s) or its contents both to the interior or exterior by the Hirer or any member of his/her party howsoever caused. This includes incitement to any third party which results in damage to the vehicle or its contents. The Hirer agrees to be liable for the total retail cost any any repair and the company will determine the location of the repairer. In addition, the Hirer will be liable to pay a fixed daily rate (determined) by the Company while the vehicle is out of commission to such repairs, plus any further losses incurred.

8. When you book a Stretched Out Ltd vehicle in the UK, the price you are quoted includes the insurance required should you be involved in an accident. This includes public liability insurance, legal liability, and 3rd party insurance.

9. The vehicle shall not be operated:

a. To transport goods in violation of customs regulations or in any illegal manner.
b. To carry property that shall be used for hire or reward.
c. In motor sport events (racing, pacemaking, rallying).
d. By any person driving when unfit through drink or drugs.

10. The Companies discretion shall be decided by the Directors or authorised agents of the Company at all times
and their decision will be fully binding in all matters.

11. By agreeing to hire a vehicle, the Hirer has entered into a binding rental contract with the Company which
Does not require a formal signature.

12. We are a public service transport company and as such suffer delays as other road users, please allow 40 minutes from booking time for the arrival of the vehicle. No compensation shall be paid due to the late arrival of vehicles. A vehicle that is over 40 minutes late may be refused by the Hirer and the Company shall repay any monies received in booking the vehicle. The Lateness of the vehicle shall be determined by either tachograph records or if fitted GPS tracking system, not by the Hirer. No compensation shall be offered due to cancellation for lateness of vehicle.

13. Rental time runs from the arrival time of the vehicle

14. Payment by cheque will not be accepted on the day

15. Any abuse towards drivers will not be tolerated and the Company reserves the right to terminate the hire immediately with no refunds whatsoever The Hirer will also be reported to the Police and legal action may be taken.

16. All vehicles are operated under Tachograph legislation, vehicles will wait a maximum of 15 minutes from the time of arrival. After this time the vehicle may leave with whoever is on board. It will not return to collect late passengers and no refunds will be issued. If a party is late a driver may have to take a 45-minute break as per law requirements. The driver will endeavor to park safely and leave the vehicle running during this rest period. A driver who runs out of driving hours due to the lateness of the Hirer will stop ask the customers to vacate the vehicle, and will await a relief driver to collect the vehicle. No transport (or fees) will be offered or paid to the Hirer in this situation. The Hirer will be charged £100.00 per hour for relief drivers, the time will run from the time the relief drivers leave our premises to the time they return. The cost of overnight accommodation for the driver(as charged by the nearest accommodation) driver overnight stays (£60) will also be charged to the Hirer. A fee of £100 per hour will be charged to collect the driver from his overnight stay, time is charged from the collection driver leaving/returning to base premises.

17. Broken microphones are charged at £50 per time, On out-of-town journeys please be aware the driver will stop every 90 minutes for rest stops if suitable services are available, for a period of not less than 16 minutes and no longer than 31 minutes. Additional rest stops are available on request, these will automatically be charged to the Hirers Credit Card in increments of 15 minutes @£15 per 15 increments.

18. Passengers who appear to be inebriated will be refused entry and may cause the driver to refuse the Hirers party entry to the vehicle. No refunds shall be made due to this occurrence.

19. The Company reserves the right to cancel any bookings at their discretion

20. All vehicles are nonsmoking. Any misuse of the emergency exit or smoking infringements will incur a £100 fine automatically deducted from the Hirers credit card. And result in the termination of the rental.

21. All rentals have CCTV recording and tracking devices fitted

22. All return rentals are with one drop-off, extra drop-offs not specified at the time of booking will be charged at £20 per drop-off. Automatically charged to Hirers credit card.

23. Any overrun of times specified will be subject to overrun costs as noted on the booking agreement.

24. The Company/Drivers reserve the right to record all conversations of the Hirer or his/her party

25. A Hirer credit card held from the booking of the vehicle will be used to pay for all monetary items listed above without contacting the Hirer. We are a PCI-compliant company. An invoice will be issued on request

26. A full copy of these terms can be emailed or posted on request

Upon paying your deposit this will be taken into consideration and acceptance of our terms also receiving this documentation you are agreeing with our terms and conditions, if there are any questions please call at least 10 days before your booking.